Welcome to presidential class: Exact replica of Air Force One opens complete with two single beds for the president and first lady and M&Ms embossed with the US seal

The Daily Mail

  • An exact replica of Air Force One, serving as a museum and learning center, is on display in Rhode Island

  • The Boeing 747 is made to look exactly like the plane currently in use by President Donald Trump which served Presidents Obama and Bush as well

  • It will remain in Rhode Island till the end of October and will be taken next to New York before going onto its final destination of DC


An interactive museum modeled exactly like the current Air Force One is on the tarmac of a Rhode Island airport and is now open for viewings.

The enormous retired Boeing 747 is replicated to be exactly like the one currently used to courier President Donald Trump, with full presidential quarters.

There are also quarters for guests flying along with the President such as senior advisors, Secret Service, travelling press and other guests. 

The museum is part of the Children's Democracy Project, led up by Brooklynite Ari Scharf.  A press release states: 'the Air Force One Experience is focused on connecting children with the principles of American democracy through a relatable and exciting experience.

'We are at a very divisive time in America, and it's more important than ever to teach children the value of democracy and urge them to embrace their responsibility as future leaders.'

'Kids love trains, planes and automobiles and what better vehicle to teach them than in a Boeing 747 classroom?' the release adds.

'The idea started about 10 years ago. It took about a little over two years and over 150 different team members,' Scharf told reporters during Thursday's unveiling. 

Air Force One is one of the most recognizable symbols of the presidency. Though it would technically refer to any plane carrying the president, it has become historically known as a specific plane outfitted with every possible circumstance in mind. 

The Flying White House is capable of midair refueling. It has a refuelling nozzle at the front, and the plane's ability to refuel in midair means it can stay in the skies for as long as there is food and water.

It is equipped with extensive security features. On-board electronics are protected against electromagnetic pulses.

The communications system allows for advanced secure information transmissions.  

With its various quarters fit for a president, security detail and entourage, there are over 4,000 square feet of space over three levels inside the majestic aircraft. 

There is a full medical suite that can function as an operating room.

The president of the United States usually typically has a doctor in the ranks, and this plane is no exception. There is a doctor permanently on-board. 

There are two food prep galleys which are capable of feeding 100 people at a time. 

The official presidential plane can carry more than 100 people, with space for 26 crew, as well as 76 passengers.

The plane carries two pilots, as well as a flight engineer, a navigator, and cabin crew. 

At the back of the plane there is space for the press corps, with designated blue carpet, and business class seats. 

Every seat is equipped with its own flat screen TV on which journalists can choose from 20 on demand films and hours of music, which they can listen to through the Bose headphones that come in every seat pocket. 

The presidential suite at the front of the plane contains two twin couches, which turn into beds. The suite has blinds that come down over the portholes at the push of a button.

There is also an attic that runs almost the entire length of the plane, packed with classified defence equipment including radar jammers and sensors to track cyber attacks or incoming heat-seeking missiles.

Air Force One usually flies in convoy with several cargo planes, containing surplus stores, and fighter jets.