Tour Air Force One Replica in Rhode Island

Fun 107 Radio | By Michael Rock

Michael Rock

Michael Rock

An exact replica of the new Airforce One will be on display now through Halloween in Rhode Island, and you can see it for free!

Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents will have a rare opportunity to climb inside an exact replica of Airforce One beginning this weekend. It will be at the Quonset State Airport in North Kingstown, Rhode Island today though Halloween.

There's even a chance for you to see the plane for free if you are a Massachusetts resident. Three thousand free tickets have been set aside for Mass. residents, but you need to reserve them online at

There is a limited number of people allowed on board the plane at a time, so the best bet to ensure the least amount of waiting is to reserve your spot online.

I had the opportunity to walk through Ronald Reagan's Airforce One at the Reagan Library in California. I'd highly recommend taking time out to visit this plane while it is so close...particularly if you can go free of charge. The Reagan version (pictured below) seems extremely dated compared to the modern day Airforce One.