Air Force One Replica Boarding At Quonset


NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI—The Air Force One Experience opens to the public on Friday. The working Boeing 747 is supposed to connect "children with the principles of American democracy through a relatable and exciting experience." People can see these five galleries:

  • Conference Room where the President holds critical meetings in the sky; 

  • Hallway between the press corps and the meeting rooms as seen in countless images;

  • Medical Annex that serves as a functional operating room aboard Air Force One; 

  • Presidential Office in which the President conducts private meetings;

  • Presidential Quarters for the President and First Family when traveling aboard.

Also on exhibit:

  • President John F. Kennedy's limousine from the 1960s; 

  • A seat from the original Air Force One jet that President Kennedy used to travel for his trips into Quonset Airport during his presidency; 

  • A handwritten letter from President Abraham Lincoln to a 19 year-old on the importance of voting for the future of democracy; 

  • A newspaper from 1791 announcing the arrival of President George Washington by horse; 

  • A magazine from 1949 describing President Truman's travels by train along with the president's personal menu; 

  • An interactive exhibit of a Suburban SUV retrofitted to replicate those used by the secret service, and many more in an ever-changing array of educational and inspirational artifacts from American political history.

The plane and the exhibit are at Quonset State Airport150 Airport St., North Kingstown, RI.

Tickets: Must be booked in advance. 9,000 complimentary tickets will be released with an allocation of 3,000 each to visitors from Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The cost after the preview period will be $10.00 for kids and $17.50 for adults.

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