You’ll Soon Be Able to Tour an “Air Force One” 747


It’s incredibly difficult to get aboard Air Force One and it’s not generally open to public tours. NBC 10 News is reporting, however, that an old 747 at Quonset Point in Rhode Island is undergoing a full-on refurbishment that’ll make it look like a exact replica of the famous presidential plane.

The plane is owned by Franklin Exhibits, while the future museum is part of the Children’s Democracy Project. Though the four-engine jet landed at Quonset in 2015, only recently did it get a new exterior paint job — according to a 2016 report, the inside is still totally empty, so it’s still going to be a while. The jet used to be owned by Evergreen International Airlines, which operated it as a cargo aircraft.

Once the project is complete, visitors will be able to tour the plane that will feature “everything from control rooms to meeting rooms to a replica of the doctors office,” according to NBC 10 News. Unfortunately, the plane will be unable to fly once the renovations are done. It’s also unclear when the project will be completed but once it is, the aircraft will be located at Quonset for a few months and then likely move, via barge, to a permanent home in Washington D.C. It’s also possible that it will become a traveling exhibit.

There are two Air Force One aircraft currently on display, both of which are Boeing 707s — one can be seen at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, the other at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

Featured image courtesy of Raymond Boyd via Getty Images.